"Educating Employees for a Lifetime of Financial Well-Being."

Why Financial Wellness Matters.

In today’s economy, as more and more people worry about their personal finances, organizations are seeing the degree to which employees who are “financially unwell” are negatively impacting the bottom line.

Studies show that personal financial distress can result in lost productivity, absenteeism and even health issues.

Conversely, employees who enjoy peace of mind regarding their personal finances are more inclined to be happy, productive associates who transfer the quality of their employment experience into everything they do.




  • The Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to promoting financial wellness through a behavior-based education curriculum. It delivers unbiased financial wellness education courses through a national network of certified instructors.

  • Nearly 2/3rds of Americans report having serious financial problems.
  • Only 29% of employees say they have savings to cover six months of living expenses.
  • Just over half of American families have a retirement account. (Median value is $45,000.)
  • Money, work and the economy are still the highest reported causes of stress for Americans over the past five years.1
  • More employees are interested in obtaining financial advice and guidance from their employers.

  • Mitigate Financial Liabilities
  • Lower Health Care Costs
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Pay Satisfaction
  • Utilized Benefits
  • Health Improvements
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